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All Eyez On She

All Eyez On She was founded and created by Erica Nicole in 2018.  Its purpose is to facilitate a place for women and girls to grow and build themselves through the art of dance and photography.  Erica has modeled and worked in the entertainment industry since 2004 and uses all the skills and knowledge from her experience to create opportunities for the women and girls of All Eyez On She & All Eyez On She Minis to perform for live audiences on many platforms and work with talented photographers and videographers. 

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Bachata Team

Erica Nicole started her official path in bachata & social dancing in 2010 and has toured the world sharing her knowledge and talent. She created the bachata ladies style known as "She Style" through her work with All Eyez On She.  She trains the members of the team with all the technique and foundational skills of bachata while infusing a powerful feminine style to her footwork pieces.  Erica still teaches Co-Ed social dancing on a workshop basis or at local venues. 


Heels Team

Erica Nicole has been adding elements of the "Heels" genre to her unique style since 2016.  She regularly taught Heels Workshops at Festivals and in 2023 she decided to take the leap and start one of Southern California's FIRST dedicated Heels Performance Teams. She uses her years of knowledge and training to guide the women of AEOS in owning their bodies and movement with all the strength and femininity that comes with those stilettos.  The AEOS Heels team is Co-Directed by Mercy Louise. 

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All Eyez On She Minis is the youth team for All Eyez On She! They focus on latin dance training and technique in addition to jazz fundamentals and drills to improve their overall competence as dancers. The perform at latin dance festivals, local venues, and compete in local dance competitions. Keeping in alignment with the mission of All Eyez On She, Miss Erica Nicole works to build the girls' skills and confidence through dance and photography. 



The All Eyez On She Choreo Challenges are a one of a kind experience!! Erica Nicole dreams up a concept to focus on an event or special time of year and we get to work.  These are usually open to the public and are a short term project.  We do a full choreography, coordinate a costume, film a concept video, and do a full concept photoshoot!

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Support All Eyez On She

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Bachata Tuesday: 7:30pm - 10pm
​​Heels Friday:7:30pm - 10pm

Tues & Thurs: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

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